From Back Of House To The Front

Restaurants chains are able to improve customer experience while reducing waste when they integrate new technologies that harness data. This data provides global and local insights into order fulfillment times, customer satisfaction, profitability, and staffing. It can even forecast future peak demand.
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Digital Order Fulfillment Solutions

Our experiences span the entire digital order fulfillment process, predicting peak orders, customer display systems, and kitchen display systems. In the kitchen, we have designed easy to use hardware for KDS and video/interactive trainings.

Point of Sale Systems

• NCR Integrations
• Online Ordering Setup
(DoorDash, Uber Eats, Etc)

Kitchen Display Systems

No more printed tickets! Moving to all digital systems allows kitchen staff to visualize orders in a more optimized way.

• Custom Display Systems
• Customized Bump Bars
• New Data Collection Points

Order Pickup

• Customer Facing Displays
• Email, Text, Phone Pickup Alerts
• To-Go Locker Integrations

Forecasting Demand

• Demand / Orders
• Ingredient / Supplies
• Staffing

Chain Management

Maintaining brand quality is essential for all chain restaurants.

Operational Data Management

• Customer Insights Tracking
• Real-Time Restaurant Tracking
• Mobile Reporting

Corporate Branding

• New Menus
• Digital Content Management
• Digital Kiosks

Interactive Training

• Push Digital Trainings From The Corporate Office
• Video & PDFs Management
• Compliance Tracking

Corporate Financials

• Daily Store Level Sales
• Financial Consolidations
• Year End / Quarterly Report Automation