Improving Healthcare

We help our healthcare clients do more with their data and technology to improve outcomes, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and drive performance.

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Solving Your Healthcare Data Issues

Data access and quality

We understand that data is not the problem – it's using data that can be a problem. Our team can turn your data into actionable information.

Costly manual processes

Roughly two-thirds of healthcare workers say they are burdened by manual processes. We deploy automation to reduce or eliminate manual processes.

Software pain and tech sprawl

Our team serves as your digital advisor, helping you determine what software you need (or don't). We can help you with custom development and software integration.

Innovators in search of partners

Are you looking for a partner to foster innovation and guide you through the culture of disruption? Our team partners with some of the most innovative firms in the industry.

Key Competencies

• Integrated Reporting
• AI/Machine Learning

• App Development
• UX/Data Visualization

Key Deliverables

• Claims analytics and automation
• EHR data strategy, integration, visualization
• Clinical analytics
• Data entry automation
• Patient record maintenance
• Denials management

• Reimbursement forecasting
• Propensity to pay
• Image/AI-led diagnostics
• Cost containment, payment integrity
• Charge capture
• Automated billing integration