Custom Development

Rapidly Deployed, Tailored Solutions

In today's global market, businesses and consumers require custom, easy-to-use solutions. Software product teams and technology departments are challenged with delivering applications and integrations in days or weeks, not months and years. Development teams and their tools must be nimble and flexible – and technology investments/architecture decisions must enable speed-to-market while minimizing technical debt. Saxony's custom development services can help you get there.

Modern Approach

Digital-First Design

Maximize technology investments by ensuring solutions meet modern device access needs and are sustainable for new/evolving devices and browser support.

Tool Belt

We are ready with a tool belt of development accelerators, continuous delivery processes, and automated testing frameworks refined by our collective experiences to maximize speed-to-value.

Lean & Agile

Lean UX and Agile delivery methods not only serve as a requirements clarification tool, but also as a client engagement approach to continuously release value to the business.

Sustainable Architecture

Ensure long-term viability and flexibility of technology decisions by promoting Clean Code best practices and architecture design patterns/frameworks.

Modern Applications

Cross-Platform Applications

Grant users access to information and allow them to complete tasks anytime, anywhere, and on any device they choose.

Microsoft Platform

Leverage standard, widely-adopted Microsoft and open-source technologies to shorten development time, enable future integrations and increase supportability.

Front-End Design

Improve user experience and adoption with custom UX/UI design enabled by in-depth Experience and Usability research.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enable your staff, customers, and business partners to securely share and find key documents and collaborate using modern messaging platforms.

DevOps Strategy and Implementation

Enable rapid and repeatable software updates and application deployment by leveraging agile processes and tools.

System Integration & API Development

Enable data access across new and legacy applications through loosely-coupled integrations and application interfaces.


Development Tools

• .Net/C#
• Angular
• Jquery
• Bootstrap
• Webtools

• Python
• React/Redux
• Node.js



• Xamarin
• Ionic
• NativeScript
• Obj-c/Swift (iOS)
• Android (Java)


• Azure
• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Microsoft Office 365
• Salesforce
• Integrations w/ other SaaS vendors